Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Hair Loss solutions

Hair loss is a problem that tends to affect mostly men, although women are not free of suffering. It is usually caused by hereditary factors and deficiencies of various vitamins, as well as stress and hormonal changes. Here's how to avoid it naturally.

* Follow a balanced diet Iron deficiency is one of the main reasons that cause hair loss. A healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruit and vegetables is the best ally. Foods containing folic acid, biotin, zinc and especially iron are essential.
* Do not abuse the dryers and irons Use them in excess it causes damages the roots and subsequent fall. They should avoid high temperatures and hair should be dried to a safe distance.
* Use the towel gently. Avoid rubbing sharply is the best way to avoid damaging or weakening, as the friction of the hair fiber breakage triggers.
* Do not wash your hair every day. Too much shampoo can cause breakage of follicles and thus hair loss.
* Moisturizes hair. The healthy, strong and shiny hair should be hydrated. To do this, there are conditioners and serum to be applied at the root so as not to alter the pH of the scal

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