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5 ways to prevent baldness

Hair loss is a problem a serious problem when your hairs loss continuously fall. Every morning on the pillow, in the shower or by capping, you made the same observation: you lose your hair. And perhaps soon by the handful. Before joining the club very welcoming men hiding their monk's tonsure behind a horrible bit desperate they flatten on top of their skull, you can decide to act now.

"It is normal to lose on average 50-100 hairs a day, a physician and researcher for Phytosolba laboratories. But when this loss becomes worse, we walk toward baldness. It concerns a man in two. Most times it's hereditary. The first signs of this phenomenon can occur as early as the twenties, located on top of the head, forehead, temples and gulfs temporal.
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In most cases, this hair loss is related to male hormones (androgenetic alopecia). Other factors may cause a significant fall as intense stress, trauma, medication or a skin disease. But also chronic inflammation around the bulb. "Dandruff cause scalp irritations that affect the health of your hair," said Dr.

But facing androgenetic alopecia, that is the most common, it can act to slow down the process, before it is too late. In fact, caused by excessive male hormones (also called androgens), this process begins at puberty. "Alopecia severity was evaluated according to the Hamilton classification that goes from 1 to 7," says Dr. Krause. "The stages 1-3, the hair begins to fall on the forehead to reveal the top of the skull at the vertex." Beyond the stage 4, it becomes difficult to act against baldness. Since it is still impossible to resurrect the hair follicle after 25 reproductive cycles of hair, here are 5 ways to protect themselves facing baldness.

1. The simple everyday gestures

As prevention is better than cure, you can now adopt simple gestures to keep hair healthy and strong for longer. For starters, avoid overly aggressive hair products like dry shampoo abuse, dyes or gels. Choose a mild shampoo at neutral pH. You may even precede her application by a gentle scalp massage of the neck to the top of the skull. The stimulated blood circulation and make the scalp more receptive to care.

"Avoid rinsing the hair with water too hot that attacks the scalp and makes it quick to lubricate. In the sun, be sure to use a sunscreen or a hat to protect your scalp, A varied and balanced diet can meet the needs of the hair iron, copper, zinc, silicon and B vitamins and essential fatty acids.

2. The cosmetic and pharmacological

You can get specific supplements as Phytophanère, Phytoselba of laboratories, formulated to strengthen and promote hair growth. You can also provide you fall in commercially available lotions and pharmacy. Men with very short hair can
Phytologist15, absolute fall treatment (CD)

find relief offering fall roll-on with taurine and invigorating massage ball that stimulates the microcirculation of the scalp. Vichy offers fall based treatment Aminexil helps root to better anchor itself in the scalp and massaging with an applicator to stimulate microcirculation.

Phytosolba also offers a new fall, Phytologist 15, 15 acts on biological targets implicated in the growth and the fall of the hair. This comprehensive treatment is formulated with cocoa extract, skullcap Baikal, Indian gentian and plant stem cells Globularia.

3. Drug treatments

A dermatologist doctor who has assessed the severity of your hair loss may prescribe medication. "We can call this kind of treatment to the stage 5 of the Hamilton classification" adds Dr. Krause. Hair lotions containing minoxidil inhibit hair loss by slowing the hair cycle. Finasteride tablets are an anti-androgen inhibiting the activity of the 5α reductase enzyme that affects the life of your hair. But these drug treatments have significant side effects, such as loss of libido, to be taken into account. Hence the importance of being followed by a doctor at the beginning of treatment.

4. Aesthetic medicine

If it is already too late to save your hair using simple gestures and specific treatments, you can appeal to the aesthetic medicine. The technique of hair transplant involves taking healthy hair pieces at the crown of the head (where they are "eternal") to graft them on the affected areas. "Any lack of hair can be filled by a transplant, and at any stage of baldness," reassures Dr. , a dermatologist specializing in hair transplants. "But we must be careful to choose a good doctor who will see how your hair should grow in 20, 30, 40 years for a natural result,"

The technique of the strip or strips involves removing a thin strip of scalp on the back of the head to relocate every follicle on the area to cover. Tedious, this operation 2:00 redistributes hair 4500 on average.

The Low-Level Laser Therapy, it is a therapy of low energy laser that acts as a biostimulation for promoting the growth of hair.

5. Skull Tattoo

For men in denial, you can still get a tattoo dotted on the head to give the illusion of a skull shaved by choice. Cheaper than a long operation of aesthetic medicine, tattooing the scalp is seen democratized by Good Look Ink, "a clinic micro pigmentation" which offers you invent hair to 5000 dollars. For reasonable men, it is recommended rather than zero ball.

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