Thursday, 5 November 2015

Celebrity Hair Transplant Kapil Sharma Comedy Night With Kapil

Celebrity hair transplant anyone having hair loss problem so its also in celebrities. Their are so many examples of celebrities those having hair loss problems shahrukh khan, salman khan, kapil sharma. gautam gambhir, aditya pancholi.   So here we have lots of stories about different actors and sports persons and other celebrity. recently  our comedy actor kapil sharma who get hair transplant treatment.  Its a easy operation whch is completed in one or two sitings in this procedure hairs grafts tranpslanted to our scalp. In one folicles their are 3 to 5 hairs in a sinble hair follicles. so after getting treatment you have to wait for its growth so after two or three weeks our natural hairs were going to grow in so speedy way. In just one or two months we can see results.
     Hair transplant basically processed with two techniques  
1. FUE Follicular Unit Extraction.    
2. FUT Follucular Unit Transplant.  

 FUE:- Its also called folliclar unit extraction method in this method hair follicles extracted from our heald directly with punch machine and placed it into recepient area. so with this type you can get hair treatment. so its a simple surgery. 

 FUT:-  Follicular Unit Transmission  Its a another kind of surgery also called strip harvest method its leave a scar in our head so after this surgery we have a permanent scar on our head.   Are you want to know more about hair surgery and surgeons. here lots of hair surgery and surgeon in india so when you go for hair transplant just put things in your mind.
Check Doctors qualification and Experience
His clients and their results, Their reviews just go to google and check websites reviews of that perticular hair transplant centre.

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