Thursday, 5 November 2015

Alopecia Hair Fall Problem & Cure

The Imema world leader in hair transplant robot, was the first medical center in Spain that has made a statement to a woman with Artas robot. The full incorporation of women into positions of responsibility and higher levels of stress and anxiety that carries with it have resulted in recent years in increasing the number of women suffering from androgenic alopecia or female pattern baldness.

Second-generation robot to hair transplant
The US multinational, Restoration Robotics, Artas robot manufacturer the first and only robot transplant Hair Fibers Spain has chosen to launch in Europe the second generation of robots that precision robotics obtaining follicular units, adds preview the results to be obtained, reduces the time of transplantation, increases the accuracy of the incisions and improve outcomes and patient experience.

The robot performs the incisions at a rate of 1,000 / hour, standardizes the depth of them and minimize damage in the receiving area, respecting the existing hair, if any. It has also improved the procedure by increasing the speed of extraction of follicular units going from 800 to 3,000, which units get better and faster healing. Increasingly attentive to fashion, men rush to find things that help them show their best side without complicate life too. At -agresión shaving problems, hair loss, puffiness, sagging, jowls must now adding them ...- care beard and mustache reborn in modern version (you have to keep bacteria at bay), design or tattoo removal and the need to maintain a youthful face in a working environment that supports no traces of fatigue.
No trace of fatigue. According to market research agency TNS, for 45% of European fatigue it is the great enemy of a healthy look. The study Let Your Face Do The Talking, made by Allergan, also reflects that 87% of Spaniards are concerned that his face gives the impression of being sad or angry about the signs of age, and 8 out of 10 respondents reveal that restless them to do wrong of his personality based solely on his face trial. "The image we have of us can affect our security and confidence to the point of generating pathologies and condition our behavior," says Silvia Alava, psychologist specializing in emotional intelligence. "90% of my patients seeks to eliminate signs of fatigue in the face: do not care about a birthday, but out well," says Dr. aesthetic medicine specialist and medical director of the Medical Aesthetic Clinic're Madrid . Face wrinkles, dark circles and sagging caused by loss of facial volume from 35 helps revitalize the face. One option is with hyaluronic acid fillers that restore hydration and recover the skin elasticity. In good hands lifted the corners of his mouth, hide dark circles and manage the nasolabial folds (lines from the end of the nose to the lips) and forehead wrinkles and frown look less marked.

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