Sunday, 11 October 2015

Are there different types of falls?

Absolutely. Following a landmark as surgery or childbirth, one can lose his hair in large quantities, this is what the reaction is called fall. It can happen after two to four months. In consultation, we always ask patients what they experienced before noticing hair loss. It also happens that we lose her hair very soon after a traumatic event: after a serious crash you can lose a large amount of hair only two days after the fact. And then there are the chronic Falls. These interest us more because they are the sign of a more serious alopecia. Our hair can theoretically regenerate 25 times, but for these people it is different. Past 15 renewals, we observe that their hair is much finer and ultimately become merely fluff. Alopecia of this type focuses on the scalp and usually affects areas that need to be renewed as soon as temples or upper skull.
How to remedy hair loss?
Is Alopecia hereditary?
But again it depends mostly on the quality of life of the patient and the care he lavishes on his hair. The drastic diets that some women during the summer may encourage big hair loss for exampleYour hair tends to get the trunk when you go under water? Do not panic, here is how to make your own very
In developing your beauty formula, you will need 2 essential oils: one based ylang-ylang and the other ginger. To incorporate, simply use your regular shampoo or get a neutral shampoo.

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