Sunday, 11 October 2015

A homemade hair mask: more economic and natural

More Likely, the hair mask is a key move to adopt in your beauty routine about once a week!
With icts wealth of Good fats and protein, the egg is a magic ingredient to repair dry and damaged hair. To Strengthen your hair, mix one egg and a tablespoon of olive oil with a whisk. Directly Apply the mask is your hair and leave on for fifteen to thirty minutes. Then Thoroughly rinse before proceeding with your regular shampoo.
satyam hair transplant
 ? How do we heal? Helene Krause, a physician and researcher for Phytosolba laboratories we respond.
Right now

They are 16% in France to suffer from hair loss. Stress, poor diet and pregnancy are among the most common factors that explain this loss of volume.
Mrs / - What explains alopecia?
Dr. Helene Krause: There are many ways to lose her hair. There was first a physiological mechanism: the hair grows very fast and it is normal that they regenerate. They grow on average one centimeter per month, which is equivalent to an increase of 12 cm per year. This is an important growth that our hair can not always endure. It is normal to lose some, usually the dead hair, pushed by younger that replace them. The beginning of hair loss does not really reasons or date. It is quite unclear. It is observed that the hair is refined and they are struggling to regain volume and renew itself.

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