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: why hair falls over with the coming

1. The big question: why hair falls over with the coming of autumn?
"Hair loss in the fall is a natural hair renewal process that is repeated every year. It aims to renew the hair is resting and fall (telogen phase) for a new hair strong and continuous growth (anagen) . Also the consequences of sun, water and sweat in the summer on the scalp, which accelerate hair growth, make more hair reaches the end of its life (telogen phase) in this anteroom winter season. This fall occurs in both men and women, and should not be concerned if we see that the hair is falling is replaced by new hair. However, if we find that we do not get that hair is falling slowly, for example, if we notice decreasing the thickness of the queue, is the time to see a specialist because this seasonal decline may be masking an underlying hair problem, "explains Dr. .

2. This seasonal drop hair, can it be prevented?
"Currently, there are products such as shampoos or masks that can help us to extend the hair growth phase (anagen), so that the number of hairs normally fall at this time is greatly reduced.
You can also take nutritional supplements containing vitamins among its ingredients (B and D), essential fatty acids, zinc, cysteine ​​or biotin, for example. They bring strength and vigor to the hair follicle, so hair loss will also be lower. Eating a balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruits and vegetables and avoid stress as much as possible is also a good preventive measure, "added the doctor.
3. At what point considers it necessary that we consider going to a specialist?
"You have to see a specialist from the moment we notice that the lost hair is not replaced by new hair and lose density. This is because hair loss, ie, alopecia, detected the first signs can be stop and even be able to get back the lost hair. The hair dermatology specialist will perform a series of tests, such as an analytical (vitamins, hormones, iron, etc.) and a trichological study to know the exact cause of why It is producing the fall. The trichological study is very important because it allows us to specialists microscopically analyze not only the hair from root to tip, but also study the scalp, where according to the type of alopecia may be the cause fall. In addition, not only aid in the diagnosis of the disease but to record the evolution of hair once the most appropriate treatment scheduled, "said Dr. .

For his part, Dr. Serrano states that "whenever there is an abundant hair kept falling over time (given that, under normal conditions, the drop is 50-100 hairs a day and seasonal declines last 2 3 months). We also have to always go you notice that the hair tapering, which is becoming weaker, especially if a family history or other associated sign. On the other hand, whenever there is hair loss at any location other than the scalp (eyebrows, beard, axillary, pubic or body). And finally, if noticeable bald areas and / or have symptoms such as itching, pain, or redness associated scales. In general, whenever there is concern tricologist convenient to go to the dermatologist, as an expert diagnosis is necessary.

4. What factors affect hair loss?
"Each type of alopecia has a pathogenesis, ie, a different source. The factors that produce or trigger are varied in each. For example, in androgenetic alopecia or common baldness genetics and male hormones, androgens, either because they are increased influence, or simply because there is an increased sensitivity of the patient. There are also cases that occur fall by an external cause hair (anemia, thyroid disorders, crash dieting, surgery, infections, stress, etc.) that makes the hair was growing normally, suddenly enters phase fall and finish their cycle, so to an alarming fall 2-4 months it starts. When the cause, the hair gets resolved, "he explains the expert from Vichy.
5. What are the main enemies of our hair, which can ultimately affect its fall?
"The main enemies of our hair are the problems and hormonal changes, such as having a malfunctioning gland or the onset of menopause (when a woman stops producing the same level of estrogen in youth).
Stress and obsess can also cause hair loss. Like a poor diet in missing some vitamins and minerals essential for good hair health.
We can not forget the abuse dyes with very aggressive ingredients such as ammonia, because when used from the root to tip can end up damaging the hair follicle and causing it to weaken and end up making the hair fall " He explains the director of the Institute of Integral Dermatology.

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