Thursday, 26 November 2015

hair and want to prevent or stop the fall

hair and want to prevent or stop the fall
The 30, to be better used, must be mixed together in hot water, to obtain a good result, it will suffice roughly four tablespoons of amla dried, to make a compress on who brings the medium-short hair. For those who have hair, medium hair, you need to increase the dose of amla, with a half dose in more than those with short hair, if you have long hair, use a double portion of amla, also naturally increasing the dose of water. The mixture should be full-bodied, and before applying the hair is left to rest about two hours.
The wrap amla then must be applied to all of the hair, starting from the scalp, and then finish the lengths, and finally on the points, not to get dirty, you may want to put a shirt you no longer use and apply a towel over his shoulder. Once that is left laying between fifteen and twenty minutes, depending on whether you have dry hair or fat, you can switch to rinse your hair. If you want to see an ultra-shiny effect on your hair, rinsed only with water, but if you want a brilliant effect, but you also want to cleanse all the hair, proceed with the classic shampoo and conditioner.
In addition to the mask all'amla, obtained with its dust, you can buy even amla oil, the oil should be applied all over the scalp, and its main function and to prevent the growth of gray hair, and assist hair loss, keeping them stronger and less prone to falling. The oil once applied, it should be massaged well, to penetrate the oil well into the scalp. Shutter speed ranges from thirty minutes to dry hair, to sixty minutes for oily hair. Finally pass the oil on the tips and lengths, and with washed hair, with or without shampoo according to your needs.
Amla, then, is a revelation, to have healthy hair and fit, finally say goodbye to dull hair, making it shiny and healthier.

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