Thursday, 19 November 2015

Alopecia Main cause of hair loss

The phase of normal hair growth can be affected by various reasons, and can manifest in both sexes as major surgeries factors debilitating diseases, use of certain medications, stress and others, as well as by inadequate chemical dyeing practices desriz and hairstyles too tight.
There are signs that indicate an abnormal hair loss, the person must remain vigilant and assess whether the drop has been steady, and with great intensity, especially in times like bath time, to be combed or drying, and to evaluate fewer hair in places that were populated, it is important to consider only the normal drop a hundred hairs a day, if the amount increases may be present early symptoms of alopecia.
There are many myths about hair loss, so before symptoms should consult a dermatologist, who will assess the case is being presented. Check results here

Although the options are almost endless, and the task is difficult, use the right shampoo can make the difference between a silky, healthy or problematic and unmanageable hair. Therefore, we help you find the best product for your hair type, without getting caught up in attractive messages that appeal, as the most important are the ingredients and composition: Wash frequency must be once or twice per week, while the other days you can enjabonártelo Shampoo frequently with no components such as chamomile or sage, which do not damage your hair follicles.
Shampoo hair graying: This type of hair is thinner and sensitive apart the light gives it a yellowish hue. Therefore, proper shampoo is the one with blue-violet pigments, and neutralizing yellowing. To prevent gray hair, although not significantly, you can use shampoo rich in Omega3.
Shampoo sensitive scalp: One in two people say they have sensitive scalp. Sufferers experience a feeling of itching and burning in the head. The right product for this must contain a delicate combination of ingredients such as panthenol (provitamin B5), bisabolol and aloe vera.

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