Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Hair loss is one of the aesthetic issues of concern to women, especially at certain times, like autumn. Actress Paula Echevarria, who has one of the most beautiful manes of our country, is also concerned about hair loss and reveals his secret to prevent it.
Stress, hormonal changes, poor diet and heredity affect hair loss. But there are times, like the fall or spring, in which the hair tends to fall further. Every day we lose an average of 150 hair fibers, due to the cycle of renewal and hair growth. But if we see that suddenly falls much more quantity, it is time to act and seek a remedy in the form of specific anti fall.
Paula Echevarria, who is the image of the signature Pantene for more than 9 years ago, also afraid of hair loss, in fact admits that her hair (one of the most desirable in this country) "is part of my identity and when I strongly, density and volume gives me the confidence to eat the world. And the opposite, when my hair does not look healthy. "
The actress reveals his secrets to care for your hair while combing "experts Pantene, with whom I work, I'm told that hair is more vulnerable when wet so I try to let the hair is partially dry before brush I like to use a brush mixed bristles, because I think it is softer, and I always wash my hair with a gentle massage to the root -. It is the way my grandmother always looked after my hair when I was a kid " .

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