Thursday, 26 November 2015

Hair Fall Prevention For Hairs

Aggressive treatments such as bleaching, brushing frequently and overdose of sun, inevitably, make hair dry and stringy. How to fix it? The most effective haircare includes shampoo, conditioner and mask made of keratin, the substance that makes up the hair. External aggression, in fact, produce micro-cracks in the capillary structure and deplete. Why recover its natural vitality, then, the keratin lost or that has been damaged should be reinstated.
Amla is a powder Indian, whose properties are known for centuries to Indian women, who use it to strengthen and make the most beautiful hair, and not only even the skin, which seems to keep it young and supple. The amla powder, is rich in Vitamin C, and is obtained from a plant known in Italy under the name of gooseberry. To get the amla powder, we must not do is start a process of drying the fruit, once dried can join essential oils or simply water to get a miracle cream, for the welfare of hair.
The proof of its operation on the crowns is evident in the beauty of the hair of Indian women is not only genetically, but also for their strong emphasis on using plants ayurvedetiche, make their hair strong and shiny over time.
Amla (as we can see on, helps the hair to grow stronger and to have a more healthy, is recommended for those with dry hair and weak, for those who have ruined because of the dyes or other chemical treatments . Amla is also an excellent aid for those who have a strong loss of In iconographic level we are in the world imagined by Mad Vicky (stage name of White as a visual artist) in his paintings. A universe populated ambiguous characters with red cheeks or face veiled or masked, which come to life in the body of the dancer Bino Sauitzvy, and around which sprout rainbows and butterflies, locks of hair, semen, blood, tissues and small objects collected from the landfill memory. The music finally brought to preview live around the world with this show that there is a concert, not a ballet and even a musical, is the most diverse imaginable. Next to some sounds already advanced by CocoRosie of the first three works, the songs that will be part in the album "Oscar Hocks", due out in late January, ranging from jazz, blues, gospel, and rock to hip hop, the coldness of the square wave synth heat horn, the noise artists more experimental ease of melodic rhyme. All crowned by the personal vocal style of Bianca, deus ex machina, and as such never take center stage, a complex narrative, fascinating and brilliantly iconic.

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