Thursday, 18 June 2015

Transplant Hair FUE

Hair transplantation - FUE method

The second intervention was voluntary Transplant Hair FUE , and the results are already visible. In January, Harting had undergone a hair transplant and this can even accompany you from the "picture".

hair units were taken from the neck and has been used at the back and on the front: "There are people who have hair loss no problems I find it boring and I like to have a few ways to try things.. "

undergo surgery

The result can be quite impressive, as evidenced by new recordings by Harting. The "highway" has become significantly shorter. "I now have beautiful hair," teases the athlete who caught repeatedly in how he looks happy smiling in the weight room as in the mirror.

Before him already other German sports stars such as former BVB coach Klopp or football player Benedikt Howedes had decided to take this step.

With beautiful hair HARTING can now concentrate on his athletic goals. The World Cup has not a top priority, but Rio 2016: "My goal is to be fit for the World Cup but I will not take the risk of compromising the Olympic gold for a world championship gold.."

Also in Niederlausitz many men between 25 and 60 years are especially affected by severe hair loss. Special clinics for a hair transplant, there is in the region no. We help to help in the search for alternatives, and think outside the box.

Meanwhile, the patient do whatever he wants. Listen, sleep or talk music. The only requirement is that the head is kept as still as possible.
Which stars have undergone a skin graft?

They present their flowing manes on the red carpets of the world but nobody seems to know that this was not always so, and that her wonderful hair a highly effective hair transplant to basically lies. What we are talking here? Right! Of the stars and starlets on our planet. Also, they are just people who are struggling with the usual aches and pains. And unfortunately cause problems such as hair loss even before the Celebs no support. Below we present celebrities, of whom you have guaranteed not expect that was helped along in their email of hair:

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