Friday, 26 June 2015

Oil is Essencial for hair loss treatment

Rosemary is not just an excellent aromatic plant of a thousand uses in the kitchen, because for its tonic, deodorant and purifying it is widely used in cosmetics, returning in the preparation of detergents, creams, toothpastes, mouthwashes, shampoos, lotions and perfumes .

As regards the scalp, rosemary stimulates microcirculation and favors the influx of blood to the hair bulb, preventing the fall and making them more healthy, strong, shiny, soft and resilient.

For oily hair the hair-stylists recommend shampoos made with rosemary and sage, two herbs with astringent properties, while in the case of dandruff problems, dermatologists recommend those made from rosemary, burdock and birch, with a strong detoxifying action. Rosemary cleanses the hair and normalizes sebum secretion, making it very useful for those fat.

A dye particularly suitable for oily hair with dandruff, which exploits the revitalizing action of rosemary, expects to macerate for six days 20 grams of leaf powder in 100 grams of alcohol at 90 °. After stirring the solution once a day, filtered and used to massage the scalp once a week.

The rosemary can also be used to improve the effectiveness of a traditional neutral shampoo. Alone to make a great formulated fall just then add a handful of leaves washed well in a bottle of shampoo neutral, close to amalgamate the two components for a few weeks, then filter the solution before use on the hair brittle and dull.


A valid alternative for hairloss with dandruff, fat and weak (very good also in case of alopecia), plans to pour some drops of rosemary essential oil in a neutral shampoo, for use with frequency. The essential oil can also be used to practice clutches with a few drops to damp hair freshly washed.

In many shampoo purchased in herbal medicine will exploit the properties derived from the blend of essential oils, particularly indicated for preventing hair loss. The essence of rosemary is often used in conjunction with lavender, peppermint or benzoin, while frequent are the same associations with rosemary patchouli (a strengthener that improves circulation), nettles (good on oily hair to make them stronger and shinier) and propolis (acting stabilizer).

With rosemary can also be made a spray to cleanse oily hair or fortify those thin and brittle, making them more healthy and shiny. To prepare bodies with some sprigs of the plant, a vial of essential oil and a spray container of 250 ml. After being dried and pulverized rosemary, prepared a simple infusion. Boil 250 ml of water and then pour five tablespoons of this powder. When the water has come to a boil, turn off the heat and let it rest for 15 minutes. After cooling, strain and pour the solution into the spray container, adding five drops of rosemary essential oil, which greatly enhance the infusion. Now vaporizzatelo every day on dry hair or apply the length to reinforce them. The spray will also be useful as a pre-shampoo depending fall, or as a remedy for oily hair or scalp irritation, thanks to a gentle massage on the skin, to be carried out before rinsing.

If your problem is that instead of frizzy hair, here is a mask that will eliminate this undesirable effect. A 100 ml of warm water add two egg yolks, two teaspoons of honey, three grams of essential oil of sandalwood and two grams of essence of rosemary. Mix well and put in place for at least 20 minutes before shampooing. Eventually, the hair will be reidretatati and no more "electric" and mussed!

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