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Hair Cycle - Hair care treatment

The hair cycle: how does it work?
In the course of life it is followed by 20 to 30 cycles follicles. Each cycle consists of three phases:

First phase: the hair grows

During the anagen phase the hair is in the growth period. On average, an increase of one centimeter per month. There are variations by gender (women's hair grow a bit 'faster than those of men) or season (the hair grows faster in summer than in winter). The duration of the anagen phase varies by sex: lasts from 4 to 6 years for women, and from 2 to 4 years for men.

Second phase: the hair stops growing

During the catagen phase, which lasts three weeks, the hair stops growing. the hair follicle which surrounds and nourishes the hair root is no longer active.

Third phase: the hair falls

During the telogen phase, the hair growing push in toward the surface of the scalp, where there are hair whose growth is over. Thus, the dead hair are replaced by new hair. This phase of hair loss lasts from one to three months.

Fortunately, our hair are not all at the same time on the same stage. Otherwise we would lose all our hair at the same time! The number of hairs in the growth phase is always much greater than the number of hairs in the fall phase: at any moment, about 85% of hair is in the anagen phase, 1-2% is in catagen phase and 15 -20% is in the telogen phase.

It is therefore normal to lose a little 'hair every day. There is nothing to worry about because it will soon be replaced by new hair. Moreover, in an adult, they grow about twelve kilometers of hair per year!

The problem is that, the more we age, the more the growth phase shortens: our hair is less dense and less long.

No way the Premier Renzi no strikes, the superhero unconstitutionality of artifice and that the Senate has proposed a draft bill to revise almost entirely, continues the battle in favor of the "good school" that's good let's face has very little . To say it is the facts, this draft bill does not want anyone, not even the precarious given the guarantees of renewable three-year contract, from stage holes eternity with attached trolley entire package assumptions, would prefer to finish in the wastebasket or return to sender without any changes, because of what can be saved of this draft bill is perhaps only the number with which it is identified.
A nothing is served, strikes, flash mob, regional and municipal elections, Renzi turns a deaf ear

A nothing seems to have served strike ballots, flash mob, regional and municipal elections, despite the apparent loss of votes, the Premier Renzi continues on his way striving to listen and take note that if the thing would end with the approval of the bill the Senate in September would risk losing their hair for the concerns. Teachers will continue with the struggle, I am determined, cohesive and determined.
The Blackmail hiring
With her angelic appearance, a little 'Renzi sly blackmail, forcing a fast choices, organizes meetings in the late evening to earn the trust, he said publicly that if the draft bill does not pass, the assumptions may not materialize; perhaps "innocently" trying to create tensions, heightening the war between the poor, but the precarious know that it is in their interest to wait until the European Union expects the moves to Renzi and that perhaps this is closed in the grip unless it complies with the agreements and does not act as soon as possible.
Gobbo shot Tuesday in the Senate Education Commission, it needs to approve the draft bill the school within the first week of July

The Premier Renzi not spring, Tuesday, June in the morning, will propose a solution synthesis, a major amendment, a sort of super correction disaster waiting to happen. An act of unprecedented institutional violence against the Senate that would see snatched their right to amend the text with the appropriate time and caution, given the importance of public education. Rino Di Meglio of Gilda teachers says: "The school is not the property of a political party, but it belongs to all. Put a vote of confidence in the Senate is a coup very serious to this, we appeal to the President to intervene to stop it as soon as possible. "

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