Saturday, 27 June 2015

Good News for bald people - Now its so easy to get Hairs

Two years ago it was not unusual to find senior business people and celebrities European level on board a transatlantic flight to Mexico or Colombia for treatment at one of the clinics that  Colombian dermatologist great fame for his fight against baldness, had I been opened throughout South America. With more than 20 clinics in 7 countries Giovanni was clear that Madrid was the ideal destination landing in Europe, and more than 1,000 customers are there today in the capital's headquarters prove him right.

Its success is spreading by word of mouth, because although it is known that Enrique Ponce has been its ambassador and partner in our country, discretion is a maximum asking all customers that pass through the door of their Madrid headquarters. Personalized treatment with no surgery and exquisite treatment of all staff is what have those who have already tried, and surprising in such diverse androgenic baldness results that affects 50% of men over 40 years. The pictures of before and after the patient is surprised are a claim that is hard to resist, but that friend who has already tested and it now looks mane is a priceless publicity.

The method used in clinical is medical-pharmacological, topical and without any health risk to the patient, for there is a hormonal or surgical procedure. It also offers custom monitoring and supervision of treatment by specialists in hair regeneration through the use of procedures and methods that enhance the results. Mesoterapias, and other methods to follicle stimulating hair regrowth, have now been overtaken by the injection of growth factors from plasma from the patient, a technique with huge medical support after many cell research.

The client who comes to Giovanni Bojanini you surprised to learn that after only three months and two consultations the first results are already visible, but realism is the prevailing trend at all times (in fact the first month and a half warns that there may be more hair loss). The doctor makes clear, where there is no hair can not do miracles and there could only be new hair grafting as a solution, but if there are living follicles can be improved between 20% and 30% in volume and density. Is this as an ideal for those who are not convinced of what to do against the hated prevent baldness and know ahead of time your lack, and perseverance and thoroughness will be your main allies treatment.

Bojanini has devised a very logical treatment while entrepreneurially clever, because the only way to take effect is to keep a daily continuity and be very strict with the various formulas that should be applied every day, both morning and by the night, and that means your regular clinic visits for lotions and shampoos. "It is well known enzyme that blocks hair loss. Minoxidil and Finasteride are two solutions used worldwide to combat alopecia. Bring out a new formula requires multimillion-dollar investments. As we are not a multinational pharmaceutical company, we develop personalized treatments for our customers. We give them a cocktail of five or six drugs to prepare a Spanish laboratory that have a synergistic effect: work better together than separately, "says the expert.

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