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Problem of Falling Hair in Men and Women

Problem of Falling Hair in Men and Women
Problem of Falling Hair in Men and Women

Problem of falling hair is very common in present youngsters. However several reasons are responsible due to which any person may has to face certain problems regarding hair fall. But sometimes due to some serious infection too the problem of hair loss in men and hair loss in women may arises.  In females the problem of hair loss occurs after the child birth because after the birth of child the hormone level in the women may get change automatically. The However possibility of assuming bald spots on the head is very rare but one my easily assume thinner hair on his scalp. One may easily estimate about the hair falling level from the pillow which she uses while sleeping or it may be easily judge with help of hair brush also. Many times due to certain drugs person may also suffer from the problem of hair loss. Person who is suffering from cancer during his chemotherapy he has to suffer from the problem of hair loss because medicines used during this therapy may pours an adverse impact on one’s scalp. To avoid this problem of hair fall it is essential that one must try to eat healthy and protein rich diet.

Proteins form an important element of human hair called keratin. Its deficiency may give rise to many diseases like loss of mass of muscles with decreasing immunity level in the human body. It also pours a bad impact on one’s heart as it weakens the heart of the patient. Person who is suffering from deficiency of protein in the body also may have to bear or face some respiratory problems. One can not ignore this fact that all parts of human body like his muscles, bones, skin, hair every part is comprise of protein in true words.

Normally protein is present in all types of fruits and vegetables. Generally Protein in the human body is normally built from building blocks called amino acids. Human body is designed to form amino acids in two different ways. Either it is formed from scratch or after modifying others. All types of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds are also true sources of proteins. So it is necessary that one must try to make his habit of eating all fruits and vegetables as their routine habit. People who are vegetarian and who do not like to eat meat, fish, poultry, eggs or any other dairy products then these people are in great need of eating variety of protein-containing foods which must be a true career of amino acids. But people who are non vegetarian can eat fish which is a rich source of proteins.

The only solution to hair fall problem in case of baldness is surgery of hair transplant in India. The recovery time is short after hair transplant surgery.

Recovery time from hair transplant surgery:

  • Most important point which uses to play an important role in this surgery is its recovery time. The recovery period in this surgery is so quick that the patient may come back to his /her home just next day after the surgery and he/she may able to perform their routine works after a day.

  • But the important point which needs special attention regarding this is that this surgery must be done under the supervision of specialist surgeons.

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