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Hair Transplantation Surgery

Hair Transplantation Surgery
Hair Transplantation Surgery

The best and advanced way to solve the problem of hair loss in men and women for ever is the hair transplant technique which due to the presence of advanced equipment’s becomes painless procedure completely. In reality the term hair transplant surgery means a permanent mask which one use to wear in order to cover his balding patches. The major truth lies in this surgery is that even after the surgery patient head would never look the same as it used to look before shedding of hair?

The major fact which deals a lot in throughout the surgery is that one cannot neglect this truth that hair transplantation is a very skilful procedure due to which it needs the team of specialized surgeons to create a new hair line and helps by filling the bald patches. This surgery can prove a factor of great benefit to the patient as normally it is seen that after the surgery patient may able to enjoy his /her desired look and he /she may also regain their lost confidence once again. Normally it is also assumed that due to the unnecessary hair loss or due to balding person may feel totally uncomfortable.

He/she may feel totally unsatisfied with his /her appearance and that’s why he /she try his /her best to correct such issues. It is a procedure in which a dermatological surgeon uses to shift one’s hair from a hair-filled section of the head to the area of baldness. The hair is usually the hair which get transplant is usually taken from the backside or side to the front part of the patient’s head.  During the surgery of hair transplant in India a local anesthesia is given to the patient so that he / he may not suffer from any sort of pain. As we all know that to cope with the problem of hair loss a variety of hair transplant techniques are available out of which Micro-Mini grafting and Follicular Unit Transplants are main.

The point which requires special attention throughout the whole surgery or treatment is that during one sitting or in one session thousands of hair may get transplant. And after the gap of at least ten days the patient’s stitches may get removed. But this does not mean that patient does not need to visit again to the surgeon. He /she may have to visit the surgeon at least three or four times only then he /she may able to enjoy those hair which they ever desire to have. Another fact which matters a lot in this surgery is that these hairs do not need any kind of medicine to increase the growth level. These transplanted need extra care. It is necessary that one should pay proper attention towards the cleanliness of his transplanted hair. The surgeon normally starts the hair transplant procedure by cleaning the scalp of the patient first.  After cleaning the scalp of the patient surgeon starts using a small needle so that he /she may easily numb the area of surgery. Normally to numb the part the anesthesia is used by the surgeon. Then in a second round patient’s that section which is covered with hair is removed by the surgeon with the help of an instrument named as scalpel. Then he closes the scalp after sewing it properly.
After closing the scalp the surgeon then starts separating the removed portion of the scalp by dividing into smaller sections which is mainly done with the help of magnifying lens and may be with the help of sharp knife. These small sections after implantation may achieve natural look just like natural growth of one’s hair.

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