Sunday, 5 February 2017

The dreams that come to reality in hair transplants

You can either believe it or not but more and more people are visiting India for hair transplants. These are from Canada, Africa, and Australia. The increasing number of visits is from Canada, here are the reasons why;

A variety of alternatives is available in India. You can have a hair transplant, oral treatments or therapy for restoration of hair

Affordable and low-cost procedures. Compared to other countries, India’s hair transplant cost is not high like in other countries

Better techniques and equipment used for the procedures. FUT, FUE, and robotic surgeries are well performed by experts 

The amazing fact for the visits is that India is well-known for its superiority in medical tourism. For any patient, India is always on the list as an alternative for treatment and surgeries

India is also welcoming and it loves to serve the world through medical services and tourism. All the above are a leading cause of the visits.

Now people can also get the hair transplant in Canada from our clinic that is located in Calgary, Alberta.

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