Sunday, 8 January 2017

Essential Tips For Those Are Concerned About Hair Loss

Baldness is considered as most vicious for the ego and self esteem of person so it is important to get rid from this serious problem of scalp. Here are some tips provided by the experts for coping up with the abrupt hair fall

Always use natural shampoo for your hair fall as the shampoos containing chemicals can be dangerous for your hair 

If you actually want to get rid from baldness then you must avoid alcohol intake as it can not only be harmful for your liver but also for your hair.

Reflexology is also good option for hair growth in which you bring fingers close and turn them half fist and brush you nails by joining nails of hands. In this technique keratin works for hair which creates the nails.

Castor oil can be used for hair fall as it is natural remedy for alopecia. You can use it by mixing it in herbal shampoo one tablespoon at each time of hair wash

Use the wide teeth comb for your hair and avoid use of hair equipments like dryer , iron etc

In case of severe hair loss must see doctor for Hair Transplant In Amritsar

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