Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Reality of hair transplants at bargain counter

Nowadays there is deluge of hair transplant centers that are using marketing strategies even to approach the potential customers. In this era of cut throat competition these service centers are willing to have customers by hook or crook so they are lowering down the cost of hair transplant. Even they offer the cost next to nothing for the HT.

As a rational consumer you always try to take cost advantage even some time without considering the other important factors. You feel ecstatic that now you can get hair treatment without burdening your pocket.

So you rush for the low cost hair transplant as soon as it may possible 

 Have you got the best on lowest ?

For short span of time you must answer above question as yes as you will witness naturally growing hair and feel proud in yourself for this rational decision.

However this happiness will be of short span you will not more pat yourself for this “in budget” hair treatment and with the passage of time this happiness will fade away as you realize that you have not got the expected results after the treatment.

This rational patient got cost effective hair transplant but not quality effective 

Result of Artistic tools and techniques without scars and dense naturally growing hair. But soon after six months reality comes out .

 After such kind of results definitely you consult your surgeon and he again take you in trap and make you ready for another cost effective surgery but might be not about quality.

So again you pay and get the hair treatment but again “all in vain” as not only you have lost your money but also some more hair.

Result of multiple cheap hair transplant

After the multiple hair transplant and yes cost effective surgeries now you get pissed and feel weird about your condition of your hair.

Now definitely you will think that you have the economical treatment but on the sake of quality. It is not only story about you but of every person who do not consider the quality of results on the sake of cost.

Therefore it can be discerned that hair treatment might not be only cost effective but it should be taken from the skilled and reputed surgeons only as once you lost there will not be no room for regret.
So take your rational decision give priority to the skills and experience of the surgeon from whom you are getting treatment not to the cost. Do not get mislead by the centers who are offering heavy discounts but not the quality.

Scratch your head and do your homework of research about the results of the hair transplant center then pick the best

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