Saturday, 26 March 2016

Body Hair Transplant

Body hair transplants (BHT) or basically body hair to head transplant (BHHT). You must have heard about the follicular unit extraction method, a minimal invasive technique in which hair follicles are extracted from the one part of the head and transplanted at the bald patch on the head. Follicular Unit Extraction has many benefits and is one of the most successful technique of hair transplant presently. Follicular unit extraction there is few limits like a person who is severely bald and has no donor follicles can't take benefits of it. But the Body Hair Transplant which is the advance type of FUE can work wonder for these kinds of patients.

In body hair transplant, body hair from chest, shoulders, stomach, arms, beard and legs are used as donor hair follicles which are transplanted to head. So this treatment is  a ray of hope for all the patients who suffer from severe baldness.

Benefits of Body Hair Transplant

•  It helps patient with severe baldness which is caused by accident scar or androgenetic alopecia.

•    Minimal invasive

•    No stitches

•    Painless

•    Minimal Scarring

•    Easy recovery

•    Can be used for eyebrow transplantation

Though this technique is very useful in severe baldness cases but still not every patient is the right candidate for it. The patients which have the problem of abnormal blood clotting, keloiding tendencies,  allergies, curly body hair and who are under the age of 24,  are not good candidates for body hair transplant.

One important thing that should be kept in mind while thinking about opting for this technique is that it require doctor having a high level of skills as body hair use to have different angles, so its extraction is not very easy. The other thing is body hair are not as good as head hair, so the end result can vary.

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