Monday, 28 December 2015

Hair Fall Treatment Centre in India

Hair Fall Treatment Centre in India
The process is very simple: in a first step we proceed to the selective removal of the cells, extracted from the patient himself in a completely painless thanks to a small car. These fat cells are then re-injected into the scalp through the use of microscopic needles that do not cause injury or pain. The whole procedure has a duration of 2/3 hours, there is no cutting of the hair and does not remain any kind of sign post therapy. In this way, the return to social life, work or sport is immediate.
The benefits of the Protocol Advanced Regenerative Medicine, developed by HairClinic , would also be able to encourage the maximum cell regeneration, promote the blocking of cell aging and gradually regularize the life cycle of the follicle. This is why the technique is suitable not only for people with thinning but also in cases of advanced baldness as basic pre-hair transplant.
Do not forget that often surgery does not cure the problem, the "cover" and often only temporarily. In many cases the evolution of baldness thinning will lead to new, not to mention that the use of transplant repeatedly to exploits and impoverishes the donor withdrawal. Added to this is the well-known risk effect "shock loss", trauma due to various grafts. An example for all, in cases of thinning, transplanting it should help to repopulate a part of the skull that has suffered from the fall, can cause new problems even in the solid part.
The strength of the treatments for Regenerative Medicine is the ability to act on patients differently depending on the causes that underlie the problem. They are in fact given both for those who suffer from a thinning "important", both for those who complain of a localized baldness, being able to work directly on the fabric and using a formula of regeneration.

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