Monday, 28 December 2015

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Vico Equense city council with the tile of the compensation fund Lauro, while the road system is in chaos in the high areas, the Via Raffaele Bosco is an assault course with work in progress, here Christmas has not arrived and as usual, the hills are Vicania neglected, while planning for the successor, between high and low on pole it is always Buonocore Migliaccio and continues to announce wars impossible to 'Anas with a gallery of Sejanus that penalized the center and Christmas events that are going through in second place in all other centers of Sorrento peninsula for communication practically nonexistent outside the country next Wednesday at 9:00 am the city council of Vico Equense will meet again after the quorum of Tuesday, December 22. Among the twelve items on the agenda, certainly stands out the issue of the fund Lauro. The 'municipal administration intends to bring the measure acquisition healing, dating back to October 2013, the decision of the TAR ruled that the inability to neutralize the effects of the final civil judgment. The City already has a mortgage at the savings and loan to pay four million three hundred thousand euro Lawyer Lauro. Compensation is due to the expropriation, it declared illegal the fund on which they were made some accommodations under the subsidized housing. The facts date back to forty years ago, the judgments, but recently they have become enforceable. The City Council in this matter is to pay 320 thousand euro per year for the next twenty years. Part of this money will have to be retrieved. The theme is particularly hot. The last city council, in fact, there have been strong fibrillation between the Mayor Benedetto Migliaccio and some condominiums of housing associations interested in each other, present in the council. For this reason, the City Council called for a strengthening of security measures, to ensure that the session of the town can decide what to do in an atmosphere of order. Another important topic is the honorary citizenship memory at Monsignor Michele Natale. The prelate was a famous victim of the Bourbon reaction to the fall of the Neapolitan Republic. Bishop of Vico Equense, joined the Neapolitan Republic of 1799, arrested and segregated in the prison of the Vicar of Naples on August 1 at the fall of the Republic, he was sentenced to death by the State Council on August 19 "desecrated" and 20 August 1799 killed by the gallows, and not with the ax, reserved, instead, to the nobles in the same tragic day. The City Council of the Mayor Benedetto Migliaccio, a resolution has conferred honorary citizenship to Monsignor Christmas memory. Invited to attend the City Council: Sergio Puttini Vicano citizen, who reported the City Council have identified, during a random inspection, the place where they would have located the remains of the last bishop of Vico Equense and Sergio Piazzi, Secretary General Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean. Just twenty days ago he received a prestigious award for having saved 14 people, 1 May 2014, were in danger of drowning off the coast of Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic. And two days ago, on Christmas Day, he was involved in another remarkable recovery in the heart of the sea, as he prepared to wear the clothes of Santa Claus to distribute gifts to children. Sergio Cipolla, 55, Pescara, a former lieutenant of the police, he left three years ago to move to Italy forty kilometers from Santo Domingo, and there his love for the sea has allowed him to achieve extraordinary projects. But above all to save men and women who were in danger of dying. hair loss treatment center in india
"On Christmas day," he says, "we had moved from the dock to dress up and get to Santa Claus from the sea on the pier, sirens wailing, with gifts for children, when we saw a boat from the Marina and we Following the indication to follow. I noticed one drowning and my son Luca dived, grabbed him and pulled over. We were 23 or 24 years, we have taken up to the top of hair: he had drunk so much water but we practiced the maneuvers and when we delivered the ambulance breathing. Such incidents are on the agenda here. Not a week goes by without incident. Despite being an island a few swimmers and venture into the water even after drinking. And then there are the migrants to Puerto Rico. Often, unfortunately, they call for the recovery until it is too late. "
For another bailout, that of 1 May 2014, has received a prestigious award. What do you remember about that day?
I was called by the Civil Defense who had received a report of an overturned boat with twenty tourists. He was not sure but I have come out anyway, I wanted to get there in time. It was not easy to go out with the boat, because the waves were high, and 5 miles off I saw two people attacked in a blue bin. I approached, they were two Haitians who did not speak Spanish but did sign indicating an upturned boat. We spotted a corpse and, at 300 meters, the boat with the castaways. Were saved so I did dive into the water one of my boys. They were 14, all Haitians who wanted to reach Puerto Rico, we have recovered one by one with the life jackets and then we have also three deaths, were trapped. The Army was responsible for three other recoveries. In all there were 20 people.
What is left of those moments?

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