Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Hair Loss Treatment Solution

Disproved popular belief
So, despite the common opinion tends to identify the cause of premature baldness with an excess of testosterone, and therefore to consider bald men as particularly manly, according to the study in question they have less fertile than people who retain the hair at least until 50 years. Testosterone, therefore, does not fall into the equation baldness / masculinity, as considered before this research, even if it is scientifically proven that the intracellular metabolism of testosterone significantly influences the life cycle of hair.
A link between hair loss and fertilityOne of the biggest "problems" most felt by the male gender is undoubtedly hair loss or baldness, which manifests itself in various forms, from genetics (Alopecia) to simple stress. A study by the Columbia University Medical Center, published in the prestigious journal Science Advances, in a not too distant future it will be possible to defeat this annoying blemishes, how? thanks to two molecules capable of blocking the miniaturization of the follicles and especially stimulate ricrescita.Una discovery took place thanks to the case, in fact the two compounds were used in the testing phase for the treatment of certain blood diseases, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Angela explains Christian, one of the doctors of this revolutionary material authors "There are really very few compounds that stimulate the activity of the follicles so quickly: some products for topical use are tufts of hair grow back after a few weeks, but no one has shown as powerful and fast as those we have experienced. " The molecules activating the process. US scientists studying these drugs for other indications, it found that in mice treated with the two drugs occurred as a side effect increased production of hair follicles.

From this simple and effective observation molecules and were then tested on human follicles grown in culture and other transplanted into the skin of mice. The analysis showed, after 5 days of use, rapid hair regrowth. The success would seem to be the ability of the two compounds to inhibit the JAK family of enzymes. Scientists have found that inhibitors of JAK have a powerful action in restoring the activity of human follicles.

STARTS TESTING IN HUMANS, the most common form of baldness. But do not declare victory, "so far the results are promising, although so far we do not know yet what the actual action on the balding man" concludes

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