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Hair Transplant Technique

Hair Transplant Technique
Hair Transplant Technique
The main fact which uses to deal with the problem of hair loss is that once thinning of hair starts it may remain for ever and in such a situation the main option to regain the loosing hair is the transplant surgery.  Many hair transplant surgery centers are available which work to cope with such a disease. Usually hair transplant in India is use to done with two main methods out of which the one is The FUE Hair Transplant Procedure and the other one is Follicular Unit Extraction. The cost of Hair transplant surgery in India use to depend on the condition of the baldness. Another fact dealing with the cost of surgery is that it mainly uses to depend on the area which is selected by the patient for the surgery like Hair transplant cost in Punjab and Hair transplant cost in India is completely depends on the hospital or the faculty members.

Follicular Unit Extraction which is also known as FUE mainly involves removing of healthy hair follicles directly from a donor area on the scalp towards the back of the head where the hair growth is very rich and these may easily graft to the bald or thinning areas.

Normally the treatment of FUE hair transplant is use to carry out with the help of local anesthesia which completely eliminates all risks related with FUE hair transplant surgery.
Along with this another major fact involves in the FUE technique us that there is no involvement of any scars or stitches during this treatment. And its result is also

Now let’s start discussing about the results of the FUE Hair Transplant surgery:-

1. After the surgery patient is able to see his new hair line immediately after treatment.

2. But after the period of 6-12 months the transplanted hair will use to re grow again and the bald patch or receding hair line will starts disappearing automatically which results into totally natural look. And its result is also permanent.

3. Patient is advised to take good dose of daily multivitamin which contains zinc, vitamin
B, iron, and calcium but at a reasonable choice, although there is no doubt in this fact there is no clear evidence which may prove that vitamins have any meaningful benefit in a problem like alopecia. But newer studies suggest that vitamin D may prove to be a factor of great importance.

Other method of hair transplantation is FUT which is in reality is a surgical restoration technique which helps the patient’s with the bald head. There is no doubt in this fact that FUE is the latest approach but instead of it usually people like to go for the traditional technique which is known as FUT. Normally the cost of FUT hair transplant in India use to depend on the number of grafts that is made on the patient’s scalp. In this treatment hair being transplanted from the scalp to areas of the head which do not include as much hair?

Today The  best surgery Hair transplant in India is use to done in many big cities like Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Chennai etc. very efficiently by the team of good surgeons. Hair transplant surgery in Delhi and hair transplant surgery in Mumbai are very famous. It becomes clear from the evidences that the hair transplant surgery must be done at these centers with a well qualified doctors and its staff and also with the help of modern equipments. 

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