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Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant Surgery
Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery which is also name as hair restoration or hair implantation is the wonderful procedure of restoring hair. By adopting this method one’s problem of hair fall may be solved completely. Generally this method is adopted to transplant new follicles into the patient’s scalp. In reality hair transplant surgery means transplantation of hair roots onto the area of the baldness which is also known as recipient area. It is also seen that these transplanted hair roots act in a same way as the area from where these use to extract. There is no doubt in this fact that when there is a rise in the growth of transplanted area use to exist then it needs to be trimmed regularly.

To cope with the problem of hair loss today many hairs transplant centers are available where through treatment problem of hair loss men and women can be solved easily. In many metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bombay etc. this treatment becomes very common. Hair transplant in Surat and hair transplant in Pune is very famous. Generally it is seen that human scalp becomes very tender after the hair plant surgery. Many times it is also possible that patient has to take some medications for several days.

Sometimes to avoid any further complications after the surgery, surgeon may also have to prescribe some antibiotics to the patient. Usually it is seen that after the surgery the patient may able to get back to his routine schedule after two to five days. One is able to see that after two or three days the transplanted hair on the patient’s scalp will fall out automatically. But new hair use to grow after few months. In many cases it is also seen that process of emerging new hair use to take a time of six to nine months. The cost of hair transplantation will mainly depend on the amount of hair which is going to be transplanted.  One thing which is very necessary to understand by the patient before going for this surgery is that patient may thoroughly check about the surgeon and also about his/her faculty in detail.

There are also chances of risk as it uses to exist in other surgeries like there is a risk of having excess bleeding and infection along with scarring and unnatural looking of new growth of hair. When the new hair starts growing then some people starts experiencing infection of hair follicles which is also called folliculate and it can only be compressed with the use of antibiotics only. Usually this problem of hair loss is mainly treated by hair transplant treatment. Normally the cost of hair transplant in India use to depend on the number of grafts which must be making on the scalp during surgery. There is no doubt in this fact that hair transplant surgery will act as a permanent treatment for the problem of hair loss. But it may seem expensive for some as the patient may go for several surgeries if he/ she want to achieve the coverage they want to achieve.

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