Thursday, 25 May 2017

Is it best to start with a hair transplant as a hair restoration procedure?

Hair fall occurs in different levels in all patients meaning that hair fall treatment is performed differently in patients. In some cases, a patient’s type of hair fall will not require intensive hair loss treatments but only simple hair treatments to recover the hair. This could be in the cases of pregnancy and nutrient deficiency.

Approaches to male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness change due to the fact that this is not triggered by seasonal changes. Baldness that runs through blood can only be reduced when detected at an earlier stage.

It is best that a patient seeks advice and treatment from the dermatologist or a surgeon to devise for the best treatment. Specialists may recommend Rogaine in the first stage of hair loss. When the treatment fails, non-surgical treatments like PRP therapy can be used in women.

Male pattern hair loss is largely handled through a hair transplant once a doctor detects a possibility of further hair loss. A majority of men has fully benefited from the hair transplant procedures in India mostly because their hair loss type was correctly detected by the doctor and right measures were taken.

So, hair transplant in India is best suitable when the surgeon advocates for it. One shouldn’t insist on any treatment that produces no positive change since it may only lead to the loss of more hair follicles that could be utilized during the hair transplant procedure.

To know more details about the hair transplant surgery watch this video:

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