Thursday, 13 October 2016

Hair Transplant: General Instructions

Before the surgical hair restoration you must be aware about some important aspects related to surgery so that you can have the best and optimized outcomes
Collect the sufficient information about the hair transplant surgeon and the clinic and even its address.
Patients are recommended to send the reports for the tests like RBS,CT,LFT,ECG,BT , HB and other as per recommendations, to doctor so that beforehand prevention can be taken
If you are taking blood thinners then ask about it from your doctor and stop taking them 7 days prior to the surgery.
You must read and sign carefully all the documents and consent form before the surgery
You must be aware about all easily available options to reach the clinic from your accommodation.
Patients are advised to reach to clinic 2-3 hours prior to the time of surgery so that they can relax for some time and clear their doubts if they have any
If you cannot reach to the center on the surgical day then inform your clinic before the time as per rules to eradicate any confusion and complexity of matter
Confirm from your about the number of grafts that you are supposed to get transplanted in a surgery before the treatment to have transparency in treatment
Visit the center with your any friend or relative on surgical day for preventive measures
Have the clear estimation for the final cost of hair transplant in Mohali to avoid any confusion related to payment at the end of treatment.

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