Friday, 15 January 2016

Where to get Hair Transplant Surgery at Low cost?

Hair loss problem is very common problem which can make you bald. Male baldness pattern is the most prevailing issue which has affected so many males. Female baldness pattern also has affected the female but not in much number. At very early age, hair shedding starts and it does not stop and make your scalp bald. 

Now a day lifestyle of people is totally different than the previous time. At the prior time people have long hair and they are strong from roots. But today I think nobody in this world who do not have hair loss problem.

Do you know that what is hair life cycle? Hair life cycle consists of four phases –

  1. Growth Phase: This phase lasts two to seven years.
  2. Transformation Phase: This is the changeover phase which lasts about ten days and in this phase follicle units of hair shrinks and isolate from the dermal papilla.
  3. Resting Phase: In this phase around 10-15 percent of hair in rest mode and lasts about three months. Rest of the hair starts growing.
  4. New Hair Growth Phase: Old hair starts shedding and new hair starts growing.
It has been estimated that 100 to 200 hairs fall out daily. This hair fall is considered as the normal hair shedding. Hair thinning can be occur in one condition when your hair enters in resting phase too early and due to this problem you will notice hair loss problem which is excess in number.

To eliminate the baldness, hair transplant in India is supposed to be one of the best modern techniques. Many Indian people have taken this surgery. You can also change your look with the help of this surgery by which you can get different hair style that you want. In India, hair transplant cost is too much low as compared to other countries. Dr. K.K. Arora is the hair care specialist of India. He has won numerous awards and received a title of the best Hair Transplant surgeon.

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