Friday, 10 July 2015

Alopecia cause of hair transplant

Vañó warns that it is vital to attend the dermatologist when a constant hair loss is observed because it is "a medical condition that must be diagnosed to be specifically addressed."
Technological developments in hair transplant

Alopecia often have psychological consequences for the patient so if required chronic treatment, there is always the option to undergo a hair transplant.

Surgical treatment of alopecia has improved considerably in recent years because all natural results already achieved.

In fact, the tricologist notes that the techniques used for hair transplantation have evolved as follows:
15 years ago the grafting technique that was to translate many clumps of hair from one area to another, very quick surgery but gave little natural results, "doll hair" was used.
    Five years later they began to realize losmicroinjertos, techniques have improved even more in the last six years because scars are avoided.
     It has come a couple of years Artas robot that allows faster removal of hair from the donor area (usually the neck).
    "We are the first center of Madrid in having elSistema Automated SAFER Hair Transplant". This device pulls the hairs more quickly traumatizing least the area using the technique of vacuum suction or hair from the donor area. It also allows the implementation of the hair in the affected area by injecting air. "The survival rate of these hairs is virtually 100%," he qualifies vain.

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