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Reasons of Baldness in Men and Female

Reasons of Baldness in Men and Female
Reasons of Baldness in Men and Female

This is true that generally males suffer from baldness because aging factor pours a main impact on them. But sometimes problem of baldness may also arise due to poor local skin conditions also. Mostly it is seen that affected men do not wish to have any treatment regarding baldness. However there are certain reasons regarding their refusal. It may be possible that whether they are unaware about the different hair treatments or may be they may afraid of these treatments. In the first stage the hair begins to recede at the sides which are also known as temples. With the passage of time the hair usually becomes thin on the top of the head.

Then the baldness use to develop in the middle of the scalp. Then the receding sides start leaving patches at the front of the head. Normally it is seen that a rim of hair left around the back and also to the sides of the scalp. Slowly and slowly this rim starts thinning after leaving a bald scalp behind. Along with this another major fact regarding with hair fall problem is that the average person uses to loose about 100 hairs a day. But in the case of abnormal hair loss in men and women has to face a great shedding of his/her hair. In such situation it becomes necessary to understand the root cause of falling or shedding hairs.

Usually it is seen that people suffering from baldness has to face certain problems like:-

It is seen that due to baldness one’s affected hair follicles on the scalp starts looking smaller than normal.
As soon as the follicle starts shrinking then each new hair also starts thinning than the previous one.
It is also seen that before shedding away each new hair grows for much less time than the normal cycle of three years or so.

And at last the situation comes when those hair which remains behind becomes so small that these does not grow out to the skin surface.

Sometimes it is seen that due to the habit of excess smoking and drinking person may has to face infertility problem at wide range. Some people who are compel to move out due to excess exposure to sun they may also has to face infertility problem at wide range. But today with the advancement in the technology several treatments are available with the help of which one may easily get rid from this major problem for ever.

Along with this it is also true that diet also plays a major role by helping to enjoy healthy hair. Diet which contains food items like junk food may promote inflammation and may prove harmful on the other hand healthy diet may automatically reduces the problem of hair falling to great extent. After going through above discussion it becomes clear that baldness mainly occurs due to the hormonal imbalance and also due to some genetic bias. It is seen that human hair use to grow about an inch in a couple of months which remains growing for at least 2to 6 years but after that it starts shedding away.

There all are reasons of baldness and if you want permanent solution for rid from hair loss problem and want your hair back then you can go with hair transplant in India because in India you can get your treatment at affordable cost.

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