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Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular Unit Extraction
Follicular Unit Extraction

Today science is getting advanced with a great speed. Due to the advancement in the science medical field is also on improving with a passage of time. Now it becomes easy for the doctors to cope with various diseases. Out of some major defects the major problem which uses to face by present youngsters at wide range is the problem of falling hair. According to dermatologist the best way to get rid from hair fall solution is the surgery of hair transplant in India which is usually done with the help of two main methods FUE and FUT.

We all know that Follicular Unit Extraction is the next or we can say is the advanced step in the evolution of modern Hair Transplant surgery. It is also true that this surgery has been evolved from older method which is termed as strip method. The feature due to
Which FUE procedure becomes famous in the field of hair transplant surgery is that this process of hair transplantation is painless and the patient can assume its result soon.
Normally in FUE method of hair transplantation individual’s follicular units or grafts are taken from the back of the head after this the cutting of follicular unit’s start which is usually done with the help of specialized machine. There is no doubt that whole process of hair transplantation is tiresome because in completing whole process it normally takes a time of couple of hours.

Along with this another truth  which also involves  in this surgery is that this whole procedure is painless  and it is done with the help of local anesthesia which can be given to the patient through injection by which patient’s scalp get numbed. After giving anesthesia tiny sites are created with the help of fine needles and blades. After that those get placed in the sites on the front part of the head where the hair loss uses to exist.

Some main Advantages of FUE hair transplant surgery is given below:-

As we understand that hair transplantation using this method does not involve taking an entire strip of scalp from the back of the head which use to happen in strip surgery, so there are no cuts or stitches during the surgery

Next point which use to play an important role in this surgery is its recovery time. The recovery period in this surgery is so quick that the patient may come back to his /her home just next day after the surgery and he/she may able to perform their routine works after a day

Another main point which makes this surgery best is that after the surgery no linear scars may leave on the patients scalp.

No doubt after the surgery patient has to take some precautions so that transplanted hair may get grow easily. These precautions are as under:-

After the surgery patient is advised not to take any type of pain killer for at least three days like aspirin and ibuprofen etc. Because due to the use of these medicines patient may has to suffer from excess bleeding. In the case if the patient is suffering from minor aches or pains then they are advised to take non aspirin medicines.

Patient is also advised not to consume alcohol for few days because in the case if he/she takes alcohol then they may suffer from excess drowsiness and also may suffer from the problem of remaining in coma.

Doctors also advised the patient not to drive any vehicle for few days.

In the case of any pain one is allowed only to take one tablet after the gap of 4 to 6 hours.

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