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What role is played by diet in the growth of hair?

What role is played by diet in the growth of hair?
What role is played by diet in the growth of hair?

We all know this fact that to enjoy good life it is necessary that one must enjoy good health. Only due to its good health any person may able to enjoy the real joys of life and to remain healthy it is necessary that one must eat good and hygiene food. Healthy diet pours its impact on every part of human’s body whether it is his /her body or may be his /her hair. So it becomes clear that if any one wants to enjoy healthy hair then he /she must try to apply or do all sort of things which may prove good for their hair. So it is very essential that one must eat all those fruits and vegetables which are good source of vitamins and minerals which may prove to be a source of good benefit in erasing all those deficiencies which directly and indirectly plays a major role by increasing hair loss in men and women problem at wide range. To eradicate the problem of hair fall from it roots it is necessary that one must try to consume protein rich diet along with this one may also try to drink adequate water. Because as we all know this truth that water is very essential for the human body and it pours a good impact on person’s body. Another major ingredient which is a true source of all sorts of vitamins and proteins is spinach.

Another major fact which also plays an important role is that poor diet and nutrition can not only slow the growth rate of the body’s hair but its deficiency may also cause or create the hair fall problem at wide range. Normally it is seen that those people are easily prone to hair fall problem that are not in the habit of taking sufficient diet or in other words who do not eat healthy food. People who are also in the habit of eating junk food at wide range may also easily fell into this category. Normally it is seen that any person may suffer from hair fall problem if he /she is suffering from iron deficiency at wide range. In such a typical situation spinach act as a wonderful medium to avoid hair fall because along with iron it also uses to contain sebum which acts as a natural conditioner for hair and it plays an important role by minimizing  the problem of hair fall.

People who use to suffer from Zinc deficiency due to various diseases or may be due to any illness may also have to face hair fall problem at wide range. Those people who are vegetarian and if they fails to take adequate amount of nutrients in their diet also may suffer from hair fall problem and this problem of hair loss may only get improve only if the person starts eating non-animal products like Soy products which are a good or a rich career of proteins ten this problem of hair fall may get improve.

It is always seen that dieters or those people who always goes on extra dieting or those who restrict calories can also experience hair loss. Hair loss in women is often associated with crash dieting.

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