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Hair Replacement Procedure

Hair Replacement Procedure
Hair Replacement Procedure

Hair transplant which is also name as hair restoration or hair implantation is the wonderful procedure of restoring hair. Generally this method is adopted to transplant new follicles into the patient’s scalp. No doubt due to the advancement in technology there are number of medical treatment available which may help a lot to the patient by decreasing the rate of hair loss in men and women. In the market several medicines are available in the market which may prove to be a factor of great benefit for such patients.

Hair replacement process comprises of using synthetic as well as human hair to cover a bald spot of the human scalp. But the major fact which deals with the hair replacement technique is that it demands a professional styling to blend with the natural hairline of the patient. In the hair replacement systems  it is seen that hair pieces  which  are used to adhere to the edge of the bald spot with the help of certain clips, tapes, or  may be with the help of liquid it directly or indirectly may give rise to many problems for delicate hair follicles. But on the other hand, hair transplantation surgery in comparison to hair replacement is a permanent solution which requires no further maintenance. In this way hair transplantation surgery works to replace one's lost hair.
Today due to the advancement in technology this surgery becomes very common. However certain reasons are responsible due to which this surgery is getting popular day by day. Among various factors the most important features is its safety. This surgery is totally safe. There are many surgery centre of hair transplant in India, Punjab where this surgery is use to done by the team of well qualified surgeons in a very sophisticated manner. It does not have its side effect and its result is remarkable because after the surgery patient is able to get his/her desired look. 

In Punjab state the best hair transplant in Ambala ranks at the top level among all other centers.  Normally it is seen that patients who are more than twenty years are the right candidate for this surgery. With the use of local anesthesia the whole surgery becomes painless today. After the complete ion of surgery the patient is free to go back his/her home on the same day of the surgery. After few days he /she is ready to perform all of their routine works. Only in the strip FUHT method patient is advised to take pain killers for 5 to 6 days so that his /her pain may get reduce automatically.
Another common technique use in hair transplant surgery is follicular unit extraction in which at a time each follicular unit may remove. No doubt it is a time consuming process, but the factor which make it best is that it avoids the presence of linear scar from the donor site which may result in tiny dots on the back of the head which may be visible only at the time when the head is shaved. FUE technique is usually chosen by those men who are under the age of thirty and also who may want to shave their head.

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