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Hair Transplant and Diabetes

Hair Transplant and Diabetes
Hair Transplant and Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease which once happens to an individual will continue till the life of person ends. It is a slow venom so its treatment is very tough. All sorts of precautions, medications can only control the blood sugar levels, but can’t make the system perfect as before. Diabetes is kindred to the insulin levels in the body so when a person suffers from diabetes then there are loads of things in the body which gets disturbed. Hairs are no other exception. Even hair gets disturbed the most due to diabetes.

To study how diabetes can halt the growth of hair and thus further affect the hair transplant we need to deeply focus on what are the types of diabetes? Out of which type, the hair gets affected the most? And at what stage of a diabetes hair gets affected the most? Or from which stage of diabetes hair begin to lose their charm? To answer all the points discussed above lets begin with types of diabetes.

There are two types of diabetes: type 1 and type 2. There are different types of symptoms, precautions, treatments, associated with these two types. But the common linkage between both types of diabetes is that in both types of diabetes hair loss is must.

Type 1 diabetes: this disease usually occurs in the teenagers and thus their hair growth is halted. Insulin is the main hormone which regulates the amount of glucose in the body. Glucose regulates the auto immune system of the body. The immunity system is requires to function properly so that the all body organs work well. So ultimately if one organ is affected than all other function work disrupt and thus the hair begin to grow slow and sometimes the hair fall starts with irregular(sometimes high , sometimes low) amount of sugar levels.

How type1 diabetes affects hair transplant results:

In this type of diabetes the blood vessels and nerves in the body don’t regulate the proper blood supply, which are necessary for the growth of transplanted hair. Thus the transplanted hairs begin to stay small or may not show growth as desired. Thus person suffering from type1 diabetes should maintain insulin levels in the body properly by taking medications and injections at regular intervals. Plz note: type1 diabetes is not remediable, it can only be suppressed.

Type2 diabetes: this happens to people, usually after 40. With age and due to irregular diet habits people in their semi old age begin to face the problems of this type2 sugar as their pancreas are not able to produce enough quantity of insulin which is necessary to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. This type of sugar can be countered by shunning off obesity. The metabolic activities begin to function properly when a person starts reducing fat in the body. 95% of the patients suffer from type 2 diabetes.

How type2 diabetes affects hair transplant results:

Patients suffering from this type can go for hair transplant in India as their hair growth can be corrected with positive results by maintaining and regulating body weight.

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